Cancer cover that goes beyond care.

We treat the whole person, with transport, accommodation and appointments shaped around their lives.

A new approach
to cancer cover

The first membership of its kind.

Rutherford Direct is a new approach to cancer cover. It’s not insurance, it’s a membership plan. So, if you’re faced with a cancer diagnosis, your membership gives you access to advanced technology, treatment and therapies fast from the Rutherford Health network of clinics.

We are the only cancer cover provider that gives you direct access
to a leading cancer treatment centre network that includes:

  • Technology – From proton beam therapy to immunotherapy,
    learn about our advanced technology.
  • Therapy – We treat the whole person, body and mind.
  • Care – From our modern, comfortable facilities to how we work
    with you to schedule treatment.


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Why do we need a new
form of cancer cover?
  • 1 in 2 people will be faced with a cancer diagnosis.
  • How quickly you access care can make a huge difference after a diagnosis.

Rutherford Direct’s membership plan challenges the way cover’s always been done.
Our clear objective is to give members fast and direct access to the best technology, therapies and treatments should they face a cancer diagnosis.
No ifs, buts, loopholes or exclusions.

Why Rutherford Direct?

Direct access

Rutherford Direct is the only cancer cover provider that gives you direct access to a leading network of specialist cancer clinics

Advanced care

Rutherford Cancer Clinics invest all of their time and resources in providing the state-of-the art care to members

Built around you

From covering travel expenses and accommodation to making treatment appointments fit with your schedule, it’s all built around you

Simple and affordable

Two levels of cover from as little as £6.95 a week. No exclusions or loopholes, just simple and comprehensive cover

Cover like no other

We’ve kept it simple. No exclusions or loopholes. We have two plan levels starting from as little as £6.91 per week.
Both offer fast and comprehensive access to care:

Full medical expenses and medication while undergoing treatment Medication not available on the NHS post-treatment Accommodation (if available) Daily cash allowance Total expenses per person per year Provides for the cost of a companion across treatment
Rutherford Essential Yes Up to 30,000 4 Star 125 Up to 500k No
Rutherford Enhanced Yes Up to 60,000 5 Star 250 Up to 1Million Yes

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Jane’s Story

“As a cancer survivor I know first-hand that feeling on the day you’re diagnosed. It’s like the earth disappears from underneath you. If any of my colleagues ever face that day, I want them to know we’re right there with them. That’s why we chose Rutherford Direct.”

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Soondra Appavoo, CEO of Craven Street Capital tells us why he chose to offer Rutherford Direct to his employees.

“People are human beings and we all have disease, illnesses and times in our life when we need support.”

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