Direct access to world-leading cancer care, brought to you by cancer experts

We’re on a mission to give more people access to the world-leading cancer care and technology provided at our centres.

So, we’ve taken a brand-new approach – a Membership Plan. One low monthly payment and two levels of cover. No exclusions or caps.

This isn’t health insurance - we’re cancer specialists, it’s all we do.

Fast access to cancer care that gives the best possible outcomes for you or your family.

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An employee membership plan for cancer cover you'll be proud of.

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Why choose Rutherford Direct?

It's the first membership of its kind.

Rutherford Direct is part of the Rutherford Health Group. All our resources go into developing the most advanced cancer care available.

We're not an insurance company, we don't think or act like one – our memberships are specifically designed to cover you for cancer.

As a member, should you need it, you’ll be cared by expert consultant oncologists at a Rutherford Cancer Centre. And, you’ll have access to any of the Rutherford’s leading technologies, treatments, procedures and therapies required.

In the event of a claim for a covered cancer condition, no other plan offers direct access to innovative oncology treatments.

Our members have access to leading treatments, procedures and therapies, under the care of consultant oncologists who are all experts in their field, delivered through the Rutherford Cancer Centres.

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If you would like more information, please download our new brochure. Alternatively, contact us today and our team will be happy to help.

Better cancer care for all

Cancer is all we do. We believe all people deserve better cancer care from diagnosis right through to treatment and recovery.

Complete and Full Access

We facilitate direct access to the most advanced treatments including proton beam therapy.

Comprehensive memberships

Our membership plans cover everything, cancer care, latest treatment technology and leading experts.

Simple and Affordable

Our membership plans are simple, clear and affordable. There are no exclusions, caps or hoops to jump through.

Fully comprehensive and dedicated cancer cover

Sign up for your membership plan today

Our membership plans come with access to the latest pioneering oncology treatments including proton beam therapy. You can contact our team to discuss your requirements and they'll be happy to take you through the signing up process.

Individuals & Families Companies & Groups

Treatment and services available through our memberships

Our memberships plans give you a direct path to cancer care at the Rutherford Cancer Centres. This network of oncology centres provides personalised cancer treatment with exceptional patient care.  This is a faster, more effective, way to get access to better cancer care.

Proton Beam Therapy

Proton beam therapy is an advanced form of external radiotherapy that uses high-energy proton beams instead of photon x-ray beams or electrons.

Proton beam therapy is highly targeted and works well for harder-to-reach tumours.

MR-linac Radiotherapy

MR-linac radiotherapy provides the ability to reshape the radiotherapy treatment dose based on daily changes of a tumour.

This treatment enables an accurate treatment dose delivery with real-time visualisation of the tumour.


Radiotherapy utilises radiation in the form of high-energy x-rays, known as photons, to damage the cancerous cells and prevent their growth and reproduction.

External beam radiotherapy (conventional radiotherapy) can be used to control cancer and alleviate symptoms.


Chemotherapy is the use of cytotoxic (anti-cancer) drugs to destroy cancer cells in the body.

It can help eradicate certain cancer cells from the body and is often combined with other treatments.


A biological therapy and type of targeted treatment that boosts the patient’s natural defence, the immune system.

Immunotherapy is used to find and destroy cancer cells found in the body.

Supportive Care

The care and support we offer our patients is second to none, and we provide that support from the point of diagnosis.

We offer each patient a personalised total care package that goes beyond best practice pathways.

Access to Innovative Treatment Facilities

Innovative Treatment Facilities

Take a walk through the treatment facilities available through our Rutherford Direct membership plans.

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With cover exclusively for cancer - the Rutherford Direct membership plan is available to both, businesses and individuals. We’re not an insurance company, this is a Membership Plan. It’s clear and simple – no exclusions, caps or hoops to jump through. It’s simply about giving people direct access to World-leading care, in the event of a cancer diagnosis.

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